Customized ceremony means:

I do my homework.
You tell me what’s important to you - about your life, your family & your hopes for your ceremony and I translate them into what you had imagined for your special day.

I listen carefully, to both tone & temperament. I quiet my Ego. I reflect my interpretations of what I have learned back to you, through vow options, selected readings and other suggestions I might have for your ceremony.

I respect
your choices. Period.
I celebrate with you. I take your hopes for your day, and make them my own.

If you’re worried because ... well family.
​I know how to hold those spaces too.

I’m in your corner.

Outside wedding and it’s raining?
I’m out there wiping down chairs and holding your umbrella.
I have short hair anyway.

I’ve got tissue tucked up my sleeve. and an extra safety pin for whatever purpose it may serve.

I warm cold feet with words you’ve shared, and straighten (but not tie) a tie or necklace as needed.

I can be that person for you.

Customized is customized, and it’s more than the ceremony. It’s the whole experience.