SOCIAL DISTANCING + Wedding Ceremonies

April 22 2020


The question keeps coming up about whether or not weddings are still being performed. I know there is a lot of conflicting information and you're likely wanting to sort out what's possible right now in order to just have your wedding. My heart hears you; there's just so much to consider in making the decision to postpone, and in finding new meaning and joy in a different date.

Here's a little information on why we have had to make the difficult decision to decline asks to officiate wedding ceremonies at this times.

Social distancing, also called physical distancing are measures taken to prevent the spread of a communicable disease (Covid_19) by maintaining a physical distance of at least 6 ft or 2 metres between people when out in public AND reducing the number of times people come into close contact with each other.

Adhering to social distancing protocols isn't meant to give permission to be together just as long as you take these measures into account. It means taking these steps if/when you must leave your home to obtain needed resources, go for a walk or attend a medical appointment, In other words, when it is ESSENTIAL for you to leave your residence, social distancing is necessary.

Remember, there is NO gathering permitted even in parks and even if socially distancing. People must use these spaces to move through only - not gather.

And just think, if your officiant performs 4 weddings a week with just the minimum amount of people necessary to perform a ceremony, they will have gathered with 64 people in just one month that are not members of their immediate household.

There are several challenges related to social distancing and weddings:

* Ensuring 6 ft distance is adhered to through-out the ceremony between witnesses, spouses-to-be, and the officiant puts your officiant into the role of policing your movements.

​* Disinfecting the licence and Marriage Register, which are paper products is not possible, and will pass through each person's hands, and then be handed off to Canada Post Personnel.

* There is nothing magical about being 6 ft apart. A cough, sneeze or laughing can spread the virus via droplets; therefore personal protective equipment such as masks are suggested to be worn.

* "Stay home, save lives" is still the best chance we have of stopping the spread of Covid_19. Wedding ceremonies are not essential (however meaningful they are) except in cases of emergency, such as end of life and citizenship considerations. As such many officiants have been strongly encouraged by their Ministry's to stop performing ceremonies and to use their upmost discretion in making any agreement to perform in person, wedding ceremonies during this time.

We just want to keep reminding you that love is in your corner. Regardless of when your wedding occurs, we are going to be there, to celebrate your love so loudly and without reservation.