My year in review



It was only one year ago that 'Something New Officiant' began to take shape; although in all fairness, every transitional space I had ever stepped into, had ever held, was my preparation for the year that just was.

Looking back now, with a couple dozen ceremonies behind me, I can tell you it was more than I could have ever envisioned. It was a year filled with magical moments.

I witnessed new love find its footing, and worn in kinds of love rekindle previously made commitments.

From beach-sides, to unicorns and a bride on a horse, elopements in parks on weekday afternoons, I got the best view in the house to witness "I Do!"

There were large scale ceremonies and small gatherings in front of fireplaces. They were always intimate and warm even in the largest of spaces.

Some ceremonies were very classic and traditional, others more modern with couples relishing in how far they could go to buck the 'rules'.

There were anxious outside weddings when the skies were cloudy. Sometimes there were back-up plans, other times we just embraced the weather we were given with umbrellas in hand.

There were families blending, sometimes represented through sand ceremonies and hand fasting. There were family vows made to children, and even some ceremonies with guest participation.

There were personal readings delivered by beloved friends, and brides who sang their procession songs.

Tears often flowed during the exchange of vows, and sometimes even nervous giggles. In each ceremony, there is always just a little something that's unexpected. Those were some of the very best moments.

Ring exchanges had a life of their own; especially in hot and humid weather when fingers swelled. A few deep breaths to calm the nerves, and the job got done.

And to my previous clients ...

Your love & creativity & trust fueled me. I will cherish each and every moment I spent with you. From living room couches to coffee shops, Skype dates and everything in between, we tucked ourselves in and got to the work of making your ceremony uniquely yours. I am grateful you invested in me, your shared your hopes and dreams with me, and gave a newbie a chance. Your invitations, thank you cards and tokens of appreciation are kept in a special box given to me when I received my first ceremonial stole. I will be forever indebted to to AnnaLise and Holly, for the invitation to officiate their wedding that paved the way for this remarkable journey, and for you to be in my life.

Here's to 2019, where escape-room themed, sunset "I do's", sandy beaches, baby blessings, community ceremonies and as-yet-to-be crafted ceremonies await me.