I am not sure what people picture when they imagine their officiant, or if they even give it much thought. But by now I’ve had the chance to meet with several incredible folks making plans for their wedding day. The first few minutes are always filled with that little bit of nervous banter before we fall into a more comfortable conversational flow. My usual pattern is to ask a few specific questions to get a clear idea about what people are looking for from their officiant. I get lots of comments about how I'm not what people expected, always said in a way that leaves me feeling like that's a compliment. I like to think I'm 'SomethingNew'.
As I talk my tattoos on my wrists start to show, and there’s no hiding the nose ring I sport; not that I’d try. Because, I am really not the face of the average wedding officiant. I’ve lead a colourful life, much outside the lines (mostly by choice). I came to this work as both a calling and an invitation ... a calling because this path seemed like a natural progression for me after almost 2 decades of learning to cultivate safer spaces in the hardest of times. I was ready to embrace the translation of these skills to share spaces for the planning of the happiest of times. And an invitation, as implied - because I was asked.
It doesn’t take much of a Google search to find out more about who I am, and the passions I hold dear. I realize I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and much like those very early years of doula work, I’ve realized that’s the beauty of life. Its diversity.
I embarked on SomethingNew with the intention of treating every couple/family I work with as special, unique and worthy of that extra bit of care. I work only with a handful of people each year. We need to chose one another. It needs to feel right. You won’t ever be just another ceremony on any given day.
Your ceremony will be crafted to make it worthy of a forever memory.